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Dir: Matt Palmer
Prod: Wellington Films

A shocking deed turned their weekend trip into a nightmare. Now their only hope is to swallow their paranoia and act normal.

Directed by Matt Palmer, Calibre tell the story of two lifelong friends (Jack Lowden and Martin McCann) whom leave Edinburgh for an isolated Scottish Highlands village on a weekend hunting trip. After a night drinking with locals (who just about tolerate them) they head out on a misty morning to hunt deer. Things go tragically wrong and they decide to try and cover up an accident, but as they become stranded in the village they are drawn into a dark nightmare. Gun-wielding villagers force them to make a series of terrible and impossible choices.

The design of this tense and emotional story focuses on making the viewer feel asphyxiated in this remote universe in the Scottish Highlands.

The color palette was narrowed down to the essentials brown and green of the landscape, which plays a big part of our set up. These same colours were then used for the interiors making the viewer feel no differences from being outdoor or indoors.

To add to the drama the red color of dry blood was added in the design to create more tension. The main example for this is the restaurant scene where all the walls were painted with as blood-red color. Textures play also a big part on this drama because, as the story progresses, they became more and more crude and unpolished. Animal trophies and other hunting paraphernalia were added to the decorations of the sets to always keep the sense death and violence present in the story.

Netflix Release 2018, USA and UK.

Festivals and Awards:

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018

Winner of The Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film.

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