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Title: Strange Gold Shoes

Dir: Shelly Love
Prod:2AM for Nike78 project

The director Shelly Love was given a pair of Nike trainers with a waffle style sole. After googling ‘Nike’s waffle style sole’ she found that in 1972 Bill Bowerman used his wife’s waffle iron to mould the sole of a shoe and named ‘Moon Shoe’. This design was used by athletes at the Olympic Trials that year. Using the waffle sole story as inspiration and with the spirit of the athlete Shelly decided to make a fantasy film.

In this story, the Production Design focuses on the inside of The house in Mount Mud which appears as a theatrical timeless space.
Bella an eccentric shoe maker and visionary, lives in the house where the surrounding colours and tone have faded with the rain like Bob (her husband) hopes.
The story and the aesthetic work together creating a surrealist atmosphere where anything can happen.

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